Change of Scenery

Change of Scenery

Change of scenery Sometimes, we all need a change of scenery, and that is why meditation is so profound. When we close our eyes, we create a completely different scene. The external has many distractions, and things are constantly changing out there. For some of us, change is scary. We know that change is inevitable especially the ones that occur externally, but we control the change we create internally—the evolution of our soul, the expansion of our mind, and the broadening of our perspective and consciousness.  By creating a change of scenery in our external, we can wipe the slate clean and give ourselves a change of energy in our internal. It can be as simple as sitting under a tree, enjoying the breeze, walking on the beach, or just finding a quiet space in a dark candle lit room. Allow that to be the change of scenery. When we start to embrace positive change, it no longer becomes so scary.  All we need is a change of scenery, whether it’s the scene of changing our physical location externally for a few moments or closing our eyes and changing the scene that we choose to focus on internally. If we are feeling stuck today, try a change of scenery and allow even just a simple change in the external space to give us a sense of comfort, allowing for the change in the internal space. Often, all we need is a simple shift to change everything.     Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste

The Most Important Part of Communication

Listen carefully to everyone today.  Think about how much of our time and communication is spent thinking about what we are going to say and not necessarily taking the time to really listen to what someone else is saying. Usually, when people begin talking, we are already trying to figure out what our response is going to be when in fact, so much of communication is dependent on listening and very rarely do people even want us to give advice or to fix the problem. They simply want someone to listen and to truly hear their heart, their emotion, and their energy. It is in listening we connect deeper, but it is in speaking that we often create a separation.  Set the intention today and every day to spend more time listening than speaking. Try to figure out what our response is going to be. What we have to say is not quite as important as listening to what the people around us have to say. Set the intention to listen and open our hearts and minds so that we can create a deeper connection with the people in our lives. Know that the most important part of communication is our ability to listen. Make it a great day and listen carefully.  My intention is to be of service to you. I invite you to a journaling practice with my first book, 365 Mindful Moments, an interactive daily journal practice of one intention every day to inspire a short journal practice every day. Journaling has been my constant source of sanity and clarity for the past 30 years, and as much as my journal practice has helped me, I know the most difficult part is picking up the pen and “knowing” what to write. Take the guessing game out of your journal practice and use 365 MINDFUL MOMENTS to set intentions every day that will change your entire life. I look forward to sharing more of my Spoken Word Yoga offerings with you. Please always feel free to reach out to me with requests as I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service to you. Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.


My mother recently brought me a picture taken when I was playing with my friends as a child. It got me thinking about an excerpt from one of George Carlin’s comedy sets. He was talking about the fact that he wanted to live his life backwards. Living life backwards, we start out dead (we get that out of the way). We wake up in a nursing home, and every day, we start to feel better. We get more energy and vitality that eventually, we get kicked out of the nursing home for being too healthy. We travel the world, we enjoy our retirement, and we collect a pension. When we start work, we start out with a promotion so that over the next forty years or so, we get less and less responsibility over time until we are too young to work. We get ready for high school. We drink alcohol and party, we get a little wild, we are promiscuous, and we are figuring out who we are. Then, we go to elementary school. We become a child, we get to play, and we have no responsibilities at all. Finally, we become a baby. We spend our last nine months floating peacefully in spa-like conditions with central heating, room service on tap, and then we finish off in a passionate moment of ecstasy. It got me thinking about the importance of the power of perspective. Imagining living life backwards changes the way we move forwards, and that shift in perspective is all we need to change the quality of our life right now. If we really were to live life backwards, we would start from this place of wisdom, awareness, and understanding. Every moment, we would be very clear about the big picture, and we might even spend more time appreciating every small moment in time. We realize that knowing where we will wind up might help us be in a space of appreciating where we are right now. Consider how a shift in perspective can change everything. Approach this life with enthusiasm and energy. Don’t wait for some distant point in the future to live life. The time is now. Instead of having to start from the end, start from right now. Make this moment the beginning of everything that is yet to come. My intention is to be of service to you. Get 24/7 online access to Infinite Membership Site and latest yoga meditation, raja and vinyasa yoga videos when you sign up for Infinite Access Pass.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel for FREE YOGA VIDEOS and follow @spokenwordyoga on your favorite media account. I look forward to sharing more of my Spoken Word Yoga offerings with you. Please always feel free to reach out to me with requests as I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service to you. Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.

Forging the Path Ahead

Walk away feeling like we don’t have to wait for someone else to get out of our way in order to move forward. In order for us to really make progress, we need the understanding and awareness that the only way to do it is to move forward together. Think about what is required of us for that level of awareness and understanding. What is required of us to feel a sense of unity and connection?  Even if we are moving at a different pace, we really only move as fast as the people moving at the slowest pace. We are only as successful as the people in our surroundings.  Forging that path ahead doesn’t mean we have to leave anybody behind. Just be aware of what we have to truly believe to feel a sense of camaraderie and connection and feel that we are part of that collective consciousness. As human beings, what standard do we set for ourselves that guides and directs the approach we take with strangers? What is the intention behind our interaction with our friends, our lovers, our relatives?  Just think about the difference in the tone of our voice when we talk to a lover versus a stranger, the difference in how we speak to our grandmother versus a sibling. Just the way we communicate says so much about how well we listen and how open we are to understanding. If we’re not moving collectively together, where are we really going? How successful we are as individuals is only defined by how successful the person next to us is. We can’t possibly feel like we’re winning the race if somebody else is struggling to even stay at the same pace as us.  I invite you to join the ZEN DEN ZOOM ROOM SANCTUARY every Tuesday 6:30pm EDT. Bring your favorite candle and a positive intention and be prepared to soothe your soul as we enjoy a mindful escape in the Zen Den Sanctuary. No physical Yoga, simply Zen relaxation with our deeply connected community moving collectively sharing space together virtually.   Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.

Be Mindful of Overthinking

Choose to be mindful of overthinking. When we overthink, we analyze and examine things too much, and that overthinking is an exertion of energy. We are investing our energy into everything that we choose to think about. So if we overanalyze, we are spending so much energy on one thing rather than expanding the possibilities into everything. Part of quieting the mind is the ability to channel our thoughts to just one calming thing, one intention, one affirmation, or one vision of what we want. Make certain that one thing is what we want more of, so that when we channel our thoughts into it, we are also investing in what we want more of. Every word we speak is a communication of what we want more of in our life. Instead of overthinking and overtalking, we try to just focus our thoughts on one thing at a time so that we are not over-exerting our energy into analyzing, examining, criticizing, or comparing. Instead, we are investing every ounce of our energy in what we want more of and we are mindful about every thought we think. Our thoughts are becoming things, and we cannot have too many things in one space. Similarly, we cannot have too many thoughts in one space and still have enough room to create what we want. Be mindful of overthinking and over-speaking. Allow our mind to settle into the perfect space of balance, stability, and silence because it is in silence that the solution to everything exists. Focus on one thought at a time. Join us and allow your mind to settle into the perfect space of balance and relaxation in the ZEN DEN ZOOM ROOM SANCTUARY every Tuesday 6:30pm EDT. Bring your favorite candle and a positive intention and be prepared to soothe your soul as we enjoy a mindful escape in the Zen Den Sanctuary. Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.

Personal Truth And Personal False

Each of us have created a personal truth and a personal false. We create an idea of what we believe about ourselves and our potential, and that is rooted in either a personal truth or a personal false. The personal truth is empowering. It is giving us access to something more, what we know to be true, and what we believe about ourselves. The personal false, however, is debilitating. It is rooted in doubt, in the criticism, and judgment we give ourselves. While the personal truth is rooted in power, the personal false is rooted in doubt, and doubt is dangerous. From this moment forward, focus on the personal truth. Focus on what we know to be true about our Self— our power, strength and energy. Never allow personal false to deny our truth and instead, allow our personal truth to empower and inspire us to greatness. Allow the truth to define the very essence of who we are. Spend time developing that personal truth by setting intentions every day that lay a strong foundation. I’m sharing with you these positive intentions through my ebook, 365 Positive Intentions so that you are prepared to offer the best of your Self to the world. Register and get 24/7 access to this interactive and audio-enhanced ebook for a special price. Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.

The Global Energy of Being Connected

Think about the magic of the timing of the internet at this point and at this time. Without this World Wide Web, we might think that each of us is just sitting alone in our own space. Think about how, in 1918 for instance, the only way people knew that there was a problem going on was if somebody in their space was directly impacted by the problem. One had to personally know or  hear it from somebody who dealt with the problem in order for them to know the problem existed. And even then, they might think it’s only happening to them; that it’s only happening in their community, in their space, in their estate, without knowing that it’s actually happening worldwide. The difference in our communication then and now, especially now that we are social distancing, is that we have this internet to make us feel connected even when we are distant. I honestly always make an effort to think of things in a different way. I almost feel comforted by the fact that the entire world is experiencing the same thing in that we realize how deeply connected we actually are. It doesn’t matter who we are or where we live— everyone is impacted in a way that we know, and we all are experiencing something similar. Breathing together is such an intimate thing. Just in that space where we’re inhaling and exhaling together, it almost feels like nothing else in the world matters. I just think about how profound that is. There’s this deep connection that keeps us from having that clutter in our mind and thoughts that might leave us feeling a little disconnected from things. Thinking again about our connections, we realize how there are literally hundreds of millions of people at this very moment doing the same thing without even knowing it. We’re all in the space of being deeply connected all the time even when we are individually in our own isolated physical space. There are people feeling the same thoughts, the same emotions, having the same sensations and experiences— all the varying degrees.  So set an intention that this becomes a global energy: the feeling of being connected. Be aware that somewhere on the opposite side of the world, there is someone who’s feeling the same emotion, breathing in the same breath, feeling the same thoughts, and being in the same space that we are right now. Hopefully, that encourages us to show up in the lives of the people we touch in a different way, to be a little more generous, and to be a little more kind. Feel connected with everyone today. Join the Spoken Word Yoga community and follow @spokenwordyoga on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok for Positive Affirmations and information on Yoga Retreats and Global events to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.

In-tune With The Five Senses

tune five senses

Most of us are very familiar with the five senses. We know that we can smell, hear, taste, touch, and see, but there is actually so much more going on. There are all these energy centers moving through every cell and fiber of our body, and in order to be fully connected with the sensations of any of the five senses, we must allow space for all the senses. The Chakras, the natis, and the gateways to the energy that moves through our body must be clear and open. Anxiety, fear, and negative emotions are congesting these channels. They are preventing us from thinking, speaking, and feeling clearly; so in order to really be in-tune with these five senses and be totally aware of the energy centers moving through every cell of our body, it is important to clear the channels. The congestion of fear, anxiety, and questioning is clogging our ability to think clearly—those moments when it’s hard to recall someone’s name or when it’s hard to remember the word that we want to use to explain exactly how we are feeling. The clogging of the energy channels is preventing us from accessing our own thoughts, senses, and awareness, which is why when we misplace something, we feel lost or confused and unable to find that something. Set the intention to take some time to unclog, to decongest, and to get rid of the chatter, clutter, and comparisons. Get rid of the criticisms and the judgments. Get rid of any anxiety, fear, negative emotion, and anything that could be congesting the channels and blocking our senses. Allow ourselves to feel safe, speak, smell, and hear freely because when we are in tune with each of these emotions. The beauty of the sounds, the flavor and taste, the aroma and the smell, the beauty of the site, and the sensation of the touch—all these emotions are giving us access to our life. Take the time to taste, touch, hear, see, speak, and feel deeper. Be totally in tune with our senses by joining the Spoken Word Yoga Retreat to the Sacred Valley of Machu Picchu on July 9-18, 2021. Enjoy the effortless travel where every vacation detail is already planned for you. Check out the itinerary and more details about the retreat here. Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.

Concentration Eliminates Distraction

The mind can appear like it is hard to control— some even say that it is easier to control the wind than it is to control the mind. But when we concentrate and focus on one thing, that can be all that exists. That is why often, in meditation, it is easier to light a candle and focus on the flame or on one breath to allow that concentration to keep us present. Concentration eliminates the distractions of the mind. So  set the intention to concentrate consistently on everything we want. Concentrate on our passions, our desires, our dreams, and our connections, realizing that concentration limits the distractions, the doubt, and the insecurity. It cuts off the chatter and the clutter. Once we concentrate on one thing, that one thing is all that exists. Choose to concentrate on our dreams so that we are never distracted. Concentrate so much on our dreams that they are all that exist. Concentrate today and start by relaxing the mind. Join ZEN DEN ZOOM ROOM SANCTUARY every Tuesday, 6:30pm and be prepared to soothe your soul as we enjoy a mindful escape in the Zen Den Sanctuary. No physical Yoga; simply Zen relaxation with our deeply connected community sharing space together virtually. Click here to register.   Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.

Space for Gratitude

Spend a moment to think about all of the people that we encounter through the course of the day and how beautiful it can be to give a space for gratitude for the simple things. Maybe it’s the person who let us in on traffic when they probably didn’t have to; who cleaned the last public restroom we used however long ago that was; who allowed us to come into a space where we felt safe. Maybe if we ordered take-out food, think about the people who prepared it; who packaged it; who delivered the ingredients that were used to prepare it. Think about how there are so many levels at which we can hold a space of gratitude. Especially for us living in a privileged space, it is important to think about the chain of events that had to happen to give us access to the comforts that we most often take for granted. We realize that there are so many levels of awareness that we can have about the contributions that others are making in our life. Those contributions might inspire us to show up and contribute more in the lives of others. Frankly, when we think about all the things that have come into play to give us access, it just gives us more reasons to be grateful. We realize that we don’t have to search so hard for gratitude. So let’s give ourselves one more long deep breath and think of one more person that we haven’t mentioned or thought of yet; somebody we don’t know personally but who’s made an impact in our lives. And then just send a feeling of gratitude out to those people. How deeply are we connected to the people we never even meet? The people we never see? The people we might never ever know but whose contribution has somehow profoundly impacted us in a major way? We all work very hard to get access to the comforts of life, but to acknowledge all the people that are working hard to provide those comforts to us? That expands the level of appreciation and awareness exponentially. Relax, connect deeper, and appreciate the small things today. I invite you to join the Zen Den Zoom Room Sanctuary every Tuesday, 6:30pm. Be prepared to soothe your soul as we enjoy a mindful escape. No physical Yoga, simply Zen relaxation with our deeply connected community sharing space together virtually. You’ll receive a free gift when you register. Click here to register. Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.