My mother recently brought me a picture taken when I was playing with my friends as a child. It got me thinking about an excerpt from one of George Carlin’s comedy sets. He was talking about the fact that he wanted to live his life backwards.

Living life backwards, we start out dead (we get that out of the way). We wake up in a nursing home, and every day, we start to feel better. We get more energy and vitality that eventually, we get kicked out of the nursing home for being too healthy. We travel the world, we enjoy our retirement, and we collect a pension.

When we start work, we start out with a promotion so that over the next forty years or so, we get less and less responsibility over time until we are too young to work. We get ready for high school. We drink alcohol and party, we get a little wild, we are promiscuous, and we are figuring out who we are. Then, we go to elementary school. We become a child, we get to play, and we have no responsibilities at all.

Finally, we become a baby. We spend our last nine months floating peacefully in spa-like conditions with central heating, room service on tap, and then we finish off in a passionate moment of ecstasy.

It got me thinking about the importance of the power of perspective.

Imagining living life backwards changes the way we move forwards, and that shift in perspective is all we need to change the quality of our life right now. If we really were to live life backwards, we would start from this place of wisdom, awareness, and understanding. Every moment, we would be very clear about the big picture, and we might even spend more time appreciating every small moment in time. We realize that knowing where we will wind up might help us be in a space of appreciating where we are right now.

Consider how a shift in perspective can change everything.

Approach this life with enthusiasm and energy. Don’t wait for some distant point in the future to live life. The time is now. Instead of having to start from the end, start from right now. Make this moment the beginning of everything that is yet to come.

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