Space for Gratitude

Spend a moment to think about all of the people that we encounter through the course of the day and how beautiful it can be to give a space for gratitude for the simple things. Maybe it’s the person who let us in on traffic when they probably didn’t have to; who cleaned the last public restroom we used however long ago that was; who allowed us to come into a space where we felt safe. Maybe if we ordered take-out food, think about the people who prepared it; who packaged it; who delivered the ingredients that were used to prepare it.

Think about how there are so many levels at which we can hold a space of gratitude.

Especially for us living in a privileged space, it is important to think about the chain of events that had to happen to give us access to the comforts that we most often take for granted. We realize that there are so many levels of awareness that we can have about the contributions that others are making in our life. Those contributions might inspire us to show up and contribute more in the lives of others.

Frankly, when we think about all the things that have come into play to give us access, it just gives us more reasons to be grateful. We realize that we don’t have to search so hard for gratitude.

So let’s give ourselves one more long deep breath and think of one more person that we haven’t mentioned or thought of yet; somebody we don’t know personally but who’s made an impact in our lives. And then just send a feeling of gratitude out to those people.

How deeply are we connected to the people we never even meet? The people we never see? The people we might never ever know but whose contribution has somehow profoundly impacted us in a major way?

We all work very hard to get access to the comforts of life, but to acknowledge all the people that are working hard to provide those comforts to us? That expands the level of appreciation and awareness exponentially.

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Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.