Smile Today

Set the intention to smile today. Smile for no apparent reason. Smile especially when our first inclination is not to smile. A smile is our soul communicating. Our smile serves an offering we share with the world that touches every person we meet. A smile makes every interaction we have a little easier, more pleasant, more rooted in the love and the connection that we want others to feel. Set the intention to smile more. Smile at strangers and make eye contact. Smile smile at the people we don’t like, or at people who frustrate us, or even at people who meet us with aggression or anger. A smile will diffuse them completely or may even confuse them, either way a smile works to our benefit. 


A smile, although a simple gesture, benefits us more than we know. The magic of a smile goes beyond being a gift to the people we meet. A smile boosts our confidence and attractiveness. A smile improves our overall wellbeing. A smile activates the release of feel-good vibrations in our brain to alleviate stress, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and even relieve physical pain. 


Make an effort to smile knowing the smile does even more for our own energy than it does for the person who’s receiving the smile. A smile will improve the connection we have with others. A smile allows our soul to be a little more open. Smile more today and feel more connected every day.


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Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.