Samskara: The Sum Of Our Actions

Start today by thinking about everything we did yesterday—every interaction, every experience, every thought, and every feeling and emotion— and then assign a positive or negative value to that entire day. Sum up all the emotions, feelings, and interactions we have yesterday into one emotion or energy. What would it be?

The idea of Karma and Samskara is that everything about us, including our energy or aura, is the sum of our actions, our habits, and our tendencies. They all define the energy that we create inside and the energy we leave behind in this world.

So instead of thinking only about the accumulation of one day of energy, think about our entire life of energy. With the accumulation of all our emotions, feelings, and all our experiences, what one feeling or emotion will we assign to it?

Try to pull that altogether and summarize them in one word, and hopefully, that one word is rooted in positive love, compassion, and all the things we want more of in the world now. When we look back on our life, that accumulation of energy—that sum of all our actions, habits, tendencies, emotions, and energies—will equal to something amazing, something profound, and something spectacular, that we have offered to the world.

Make certain that every component of our day, every single interaction, emotion, and feeling is contributing to the sum of the whole so that when we look back on life, we feel whole. We feel that we have made the most out of the moments and created everything we want our life to be right now. 

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Blessings, blessings, blessings! Namaste.