Personal Truth And Personal False

Each of us have created a personal truth and a personal false. We create an idea of what we believe about ourselves and our potential, and that is rooted in either a personal truth or a personal false.

The personal truth is empowering. It is giving us access to something more, what we know to be true, and what we believe about ourselves. The personal false, however, is debilitating. It is rooted in doubt, in the criticism, and judgment we give ourselves.

While the personal truth is rooted in power, the personal false is rooted in doubt, and doubt is dangerous.

From this moment forward, focus on the personal truth. Focus on what we know to be true about our Self— our power, strength and energy. Never allow personal false to deny our truth and instead, allow our personal truth to empower and inspire us to greatness. Allow the truth to define the very essence of who we are.

Spend time developing that personal truth by setting intentions every day that lay a strong foundation. I’m sharing with you these positive intentions through my ebook, 365 Positive Intentions so that you are prepared to offer the best of your Self to the world. Register and get 24/7 access to this interactive and audio-enhanced ebook for a special price.

Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.