Opportunities Instead of Obstacles

Set the intention to view every experience as an opportunity to improve. We choose how we perceive every circumstance in our life. We choose to perceive our circumstances as opportunities or obstacles. The obstacles we create prevent us from creating more of what we want in life. Obstacles block us from our blessings, but opportunities create infinite possibilities. Instead of thinking that things are happening TO us or that circumstances and people are working against us, we realize that everything is working WITH us. We understand that the struggles are strengthening us in preparation for our life’s work. Our ability to find the benefit in every circumstance requires a shift in perception to see that every experience can be an opportunity for Self-improvement rather than a Self-imposed struggle. When we feel stuck in the struggle, we consciously shift our focus knowing that the struggle is strengthening us. Every experience becomes an opportunity once we perceive it that way. Choose to perceive circumstances as opportunities instead of obstacles. Decide that every circumstance today is an opportunity to create more possibilities in your life and the lives of everyone you touch. Once we believe that every experience is an opportunity, the obstacles completely disappear and all that is left are infinite possibilities. Decide today that every experience is an opportunity for Self-improvement.


When we challenge obstacles, we reveal what the obstacle truly is; an opportunity in disguise. When we put the challenge to work for us, we begin to see beyond all boundaries and we stop focusing on our weaknesses. It is our choice to take the challenges that life throws our way and use those lessons to achieve our goals and dreams. 


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Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.