Life Is A Road With A Lot Of Signs

Life is one big road with a lot of signs that guide us towards our destiny. Too often we don’t pay attention to the signs and sometimes we ignore them completely and move in an opposite direction. The most important signs exist as instinct and intuition. Our innate wisdom is always guiding us towards the path of least resistance. Focusing on our instinct will guide us along the easy road. Focusing on the confrontation forces us to struggle against the resistance. Follow the signs as they are always guiding us along the easy road. When we open our hearts to what we feel and allow our instinct to lead us towards our dreams, the path ahead becomes clearer. 

Our intuition is the bridge between our conscious and unconscious mind. When our mind propels us towards something, it is steering our body towards the easy way.  When we nurture and feed our intuition by following the signs, we utilize the wisdom we innately have to improve and thrive wherever we are.

Life is one big road with a lot of signs. The universe is always guiding us towards our destiny. Our instinct is always keeping us in a space of ease and effortlessness along the path of least resistance. Set the intention to follow the signs and effortlessly arrive at the dream destination.


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Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.