In-tune With The Five Senses

Most of us are very familiar with the five senses. We know that we can smell, hear, taste, touch, and see, but there is actually so much more going on.

There are all these energy centers moving through every cell and fiber of our body, and in order to be fully connected with the sensations of any of the five senses, we must allow space for all the senses. The Chakras, the natis, and the gateways to the energy that moves through our body must be clear and open.

Anxiety, fear, and negative emotions are congesting these channels.

They are preventing us from thinking, speaking, and feeling clearly; so in order to really be in-tune with these five senses and be totally aware of the energy centers moving through every cell of our body, it is important to clear the channels.

The congestion of fear, anxiety, and questioning is clogging our ability to think clearly—those moments when it’s hard to recall someone’s name or when it’s hard to remember the word that we want to use to explain exactly how we are feeling. The clogging of the energy channels is preventing us from accessing our own thoughts, senses, and awareness, which is why when we misplace something, we feel lost or confused and unable to find that something.

Set the intention to take some time to unclog, to decongest, and to get rid of the chatter, clutter, and comparisons. Get rid of the criticisms and the judgments. Get rid of any anxiety, fear, negative emotion, and anything that could be congesting the channels and blocking our senses.

Allow ourselves to feel safe, speak, smell, and hear freely because when we are in tune with each of these emotions. The beauty of the sounds, the flavor and taste, the aroma and the smell, the beauty of the site, and the sensation of the touch—all these emotions are giving us access to our life.

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Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.