Forging the Path Ahead

Walk away feeling like we don’t have to wait for someone else to get out of our way in order to move forward. In order for us to really make progress, we need the understanding and awareness that the only way to do it is to move forward together. Think about what is required of us for that level of awareness and understanding. What is required of us to feel a sense of unity and connection? 

Even if we are moving at a different pace, we really only move as fast as the people moving at the slowest pace. We are only as successful as the people in our surroundings. 

Forging that path ahead doesn’t mean we have to leave anybody behind.

Just be aware of what we have to truly believe to feel a sense of camaraderie and connection and feel that we are part of that collective consciousness. As human beings, what standard do we set for ourselves that guides and directs the approach we take with strangers? What is the intention behind our interaction with our friends, our lovers, our relatives? 

Just think about the difference in the tone of our voice when we talk to a lover versus a stranger, the difference in how we speak to our grandmother versus a sibling. Just the way we communicate says so much about how well we listen and how open we are to understanding.

If we’re not moving collectively together, where are we really going?

How successful we are as individuals is only defined by how successful the person next to us is. We can’t possibly feel like we’re winning the race if somebody else is struggling to even stay at the same pace as us. 

I invite you to join the ZEN DEN ZOOM ROOM SANCTUARY every Tuesday 6:30pm EDT. Bring your favorite candle and a positive intention and be prepared to soothe your soul as we enjoy a mindful escape in the Zen Den Sanctuary. No physical Yoga, simply Zen relaxation with our deeply connected community moving collectively sharing space together virtually.


Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.