Concentration Eliminates Distraction

The mind can appear like it is hard to control— some even say that it is easier to control the wind than it is to control the mind. But when we concentrate and focus on one thing, that can be all that exists. That is why often, in meditation, it is easier to light a candle and focus on the flame or on one breath to allow that concentration to keep us present.

Concentration eliminates the distractions of the mind.

So  set the intention to concentrate consistently on everything we want. Concentrate on our passions, our desires, our dreams, and our connections, realizing that concentration limits the distractions, the doubt, and the insecurity. It cuts off the chatter and the clutter. Once we concentrate on one thing, that one thing is all that exists.

Choose to concentrate on our dreams so that we are never distracted.

Concentrate so much on our dreams that they are all that exist.

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Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.