I Focus On Strength

Today I focus on strength. I focus on the power of my thoughts, the power of my words, and the influence that my actions have on every person I meet and touch. I focus on my strength when I close my eyes and tap into this inner energy that moves through every cell of my […]

I Have Time

Have you ever told yourSelf that you didn’t have time?  No time for your Self, no time for meditation, no time for Yoga, not enough time for whatever it is you needed to feed your spirit. I recently set the intention to start going back to the beach for meditation. I used to go all […]

Celebrate With Self Love

I set the intention to celebrate my Self today more than I would celebrate a holiday, a birthday, or a New Year. The way we treat ourselves gives everyone else the example of how to treat us. Self-love is best expressed by what we allow into our lives and by the energy we create in […]