Never Mouth More Open Than Mind

I set the intention to never let my mouth be more open than my mind. I set the intention to lead with an open heart and an open mind to open my Self up to a deeper connection with the people around me. I am certain that my words reveal the energy I want to […]

Life Is A Road With A Lot Of Signs

Life is one big road with a lot of signs that guide us towards our destiny. Too often we don’t pay attention to the signs and sometimes we ignore them completely and move in an opposite direction. The most important signs exist as instinct and intuition. Our innate wisdom is always guiding us towards the […]

Opportunities Instead of Obstacles

Set the intention to view every experience as an opportunity to improve. We choose how we perceive every circumstance in our life. We choose to perceive our circumstances as opportunities or obstacles. The obstacles we create prevent us from creating more of what we want in life. Obstacles block us from our blessings, but opportunities […]

Smile Today

Set the intention to smile today. Smile for no apparent reason. Smile especially when our first inclination is not to smile. A smile is our soul communicating. Our smile serves an offering we share with the world that touches every person we meet. A smile makes every interaction we have a little easier, more pleasant, […]

Be Selfish Today

Set the intention to be selfish today. Being selfish is not about neglecting anyone else. In fact, being selfish prepares us to offer more to the people in our lives. Being selfish means that we are focusing on Self-care and Self-awareness. Being Selfish means that we are aware of what we need to create in […]