Be Mindful of Overthinking

Choose to be mindful of overthinking.

When we overthink, we analyze and examine things too much, and that overthinking is an exertion of energy. We are investing our energy into everything that we choose to think about. So if we overanalyze, we are spending so much energy on one thing rather than expanding the possibilities into everything.

Part of quieting the mind is the ability to channel our thoughts to just one calming thing, one intention, one affirmation, or one vision of what we want.

Make certain that one thing is what we want more of, so that when we channel our thoughts into it, we are also investing in what we want more of. Every word we speak is a communication of what we want more of in our life.

Instead of overthinking and overtalking, we try to just focus our thoughts on one thing at a time so that we are not over-exerting our energy into analyzing, examining, criticizing, or comparing. Instead, we are investing every ounce of our energy in what we want more of and we are mindful about every thought we think.

Our thoughts are becoming things, and we cannot have too many things in one space. Similarly, we cannot have too many thoughts in one space and still have enough room to create what we want.

Be mindful of overthinking and over-speaking. Allow our mind to settle into the perfect space of balance, stability, and silence because it is in silence that the solution to everything exists.

Focus on one thought at a time. Join us and allow your mind to settle into the perfect space of balance and relaxation in the ZEN DEN ZOOM ROOM SANCTUARY every Tuesday 6:30pm EDT. Bring your favorite candle and a positive intention and be prepared to soothe your soul as we enjoy a mindful escape in the Zen Den Sanctuary.

Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.