Allocated A Certain Number Of Breaths

It is said that we have a certain number of breaths in this lifetime. The longer the breath, the longer our life. When we become aware of each breath, we realize how our breath is a reflection of our emotions. A slow, steady breath means we’re relaxed and content. When we are anxious, fearful, rushing, or when blood pressure rises our breath is short and rapid. That slow and steadiness of the breath gives us the ability to balance our emotions. Our emotions are intimately connected with our breath because the breath creates a physiological response in the body. Stress is often accompanied by short and rapid breath, but stress can be reduced immediately with a slow and steady exhale. The steadiness of the breath steadies the mind, steadies the emotions, and steadies our energy. Several philosophers believe that the longer each breath and the longer each moment, the more control we have over our emotions and our quality of life. I set the intention to focus on long, deep breaths today knowing the length, quality, and steadiness of my breath is a perfect indication of the stability and the balance of my energy and quality of life. Everything I invite into this breath should be a perfect reflection of everything I want to invite into my life. With each breath today, I choose to make the most of every moment and allow what I create in this breath to be the beginning of everything I want to create in this life. I intend to take it one breath at a time today. I intend to create my life one breath at a time.


Meditation starts with a consistent focus on mindful breathing which helps us deal with stress, anxiety and negative emotions. The breath is the most accessible tool to create feelings of calm relaxation.  Yoga and meditation are free tools to alleviate stress, eliminate temper flare-ups and improve physical health and emotional wellbeing. 


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Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.