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Explore mindfulness with the ‘365 Mindful Moments Journal’. Designed for daily inspiration and self-growth, it’s more than a diary—it’s your guide to peace and personal improvement. Each page brings motivational quotes and prompts, encouraging a positive, reflective mindset. Compact and stylish, this journal easily integrates into your life, at home or on the move, supporting your journey towards mindful living.

About Author

Christine Lewis

Transformational Yoga Therapist and Mind-shift Guru
Christine’s immersion into Yoga began in 2002 and quickly evolved into teaching and leading life-shifting Yoga retreats around the world while publishing mindfulness journals and creating sacred geometry animated NFTs to simplify the meditation practice. Driven by a desire to democratize the wellness benefits of Yoga, stretching, and meditation, Christine established Guided Stretch to share user-friendly sequences and versatile Yoga straps that make pain and tension relief accessible for individuals with diverse body types. Through her various initiatives, including the Social Wellness Club, Christine strives to inspire and promote holistic wellbeing to foster deep connections for a loving community.